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Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber. Wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, non-toxic, No stimulating smell. They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc. There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case.

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Our team through professional training. Skilled professional knowledge, strong sense of service, to meet the service needs of customers 13 Years Factory wholesale Rubber shoe cover-L Kazakhstan Factory, Our company will continue to adhere to the " superior quality, reputable, the user first " principle wholeheartedly. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and give guidance, work together and create a brilliant future!

Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber.

Wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, non-toxic, No stimulating smell.

They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc. There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case.

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    This tutorial shows how to make a latex Batman mask, cast from a plaster mold. This method can be applied to any mask design. It’s not a perfect process, but it is a good budget option, easy for beginners.

    Read FAQ below for answers to the most common questions:

    How much does this cost?
    Estimated cost is about $10 for the mold, and $5 for each mask cast. It’s best to buy mask-making latex by the gallon, for about $50. A gallon of latex is enough to make several masks with. Buying the latex, plaster, and clay to start mask making can put you back around $60, most of that being the cost of latex. Probably not the cheapest method for making only a single mask (unless you can find only a half-gallon or pint of latex), but great for multiple projects.

    Where can I buy latex?
    It’s best to buy liquid latex for mask-making on online stores, like eBay, or from other effects product suppliers. These suppliers usually have it in stock:



    If you can find a local source, that can be cheaper.
    MAKE SURE that if you buy latex, it’s specifically latex for mask-making. Other more common “molding ” latex products are not safe on skin.

    Where can I get good, cheap clay?
    The clay I used was a water-based pottery clay I bought at Hobby Lobby. A 25-pound box for $10 (with a 40% off coupon). That’s a great start, a lot of clay that can last a while. It’s soft and easy to work with for beginners. Or most arts and craft stores should have a 10-pound box of cheap modeling clay for under $10.

    Why not just buy the costume mask? It looks better than this one…
    It depends on your head. Heh. My nose is a bit large, and so my face looked rather goofy on the costume mask This one fits my head better, doesn’t have a Velcro seam at the back, and better proportioned overall.
    However, getting a perfectly smooth finish on a mask like this is very difficult. That would come down to having a very clean mold, which I didn’t have. If you take the time, a homemade mask like this can look better than the costume version.

    See how I made a Bane mask and the rest of the Batsuit:

    See the video I made with this, along with the rest of the costume, here:

    More detailed instructions and material lists:



    Time-lapse of mask sculpt:

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