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Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber, wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, Non-toxic, No stimulating smell. There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case. They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc.

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continue to improve, to ensure product quality in line with market and customer standard requirements. Our company has a quality assurance system have been established. Mission: Optimize our professional technology, product and service; 15 Years Manufacturer Rubber shoe cover-S Dubai Factory, Competitive price with high quality and satisfying service make us earned more customers.we wish to work with you and seek common development.

Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber, wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, Non-toxic, No stimulating smell.

There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case.

They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc.

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    GET THE TEMPLATE at https://armortemplates.com/

    How to make this gauntlet yourself using ordinary tools in your garage!

    dark hero gauntlet tutorial
    this is made of 22 gauge stainless steel
    and 20 gauge brass very cool design
    very fun build it’s actually not that hard to
    do this one
    there’s not that many parts
    compared to other ones, so a little easier there you also get that sharp finger look
    without having the issue of not the being able to hold an item so
    grab your hammers and let’s get started
    download the template
    at the link under the video or go
    directly to armor templates dot com
    Here’s the glove I got I think it was thirteen dollars
    at Amazon pretty good deal
    this is just leather I had laying around this
    we’re going to sew to the bottom of the glove
    to extend it
    to attach other pieces later on so we’re gonna sew right here
    this is a leather
    needle but a regular needle will work as well
    here it is sewn on
    now cut the pieces out of the template
    trace them onto metal. I suggest building it in paper
    first though like always
    that way you can make changes before you
    commit to metal
    cut the pieces out here they are
    this is the hand part usually I call
    the knuckleplate
    we’re gonna be bending these ends
    but not straight like this
    at an angle on both sides to match the angle of your hand
    so you can bend this by hand for the most part and
    then using a hammer just
    touch up the corners to bend them a little bit further along
    keep checking against your hand to see if it
    I’m also gonna be making a crease right here Just keep that in mind as you shape
    I have a little gouge here in this piece
    of metal, or, piece of wood, excuse
    me this is a masonry chisel
    and I’m just gonna place this thing here
    and carefully line this up and hit it
    gives us a nice straight line right here as you can see
    and using a hammer in the vice
    just kinda curving over some these parts
    make them fit my hand a little bit better
    not too bad of a fit
    I’m also going to the trouble to round these
    edges a little bit more you
    me do this in other tutorials it just
    gives it a much finer look
    I did this with all the parts I
    could on this gauntlet some parts a little
    bit difficult but
    you could skip this part but i really
    suggest it it’s not that hard and it really makes
    a big difference
    for some other parts you can use the
    the seamer tool to make a nice crisp edge
    you can find that tool in any home improvement store
    in the gutter and downspouts section
    I’m also rounding this part a little bit
    afterwards to match the curve of my wrist
    and like before I’m doing the edge rolling
    just a little bit to give this piece a
    little bit more just a heftier look
    You can see I’ve got a little line scored here this is to
    use the seamer tool and I’m gonna bend this part over
    you’ve also seen this in other tutorials of mine
    this just gives you a much straighter edge
    and it reinforces it to make it much stronger
    bend the rest of the edge over with a
    hammer on a flat surface, and there you go
    now I’m using a piece exhaust pipe
    and I’m just rounding this part which is
    called the vambrace
    compare the all the parts together and
    make sure that they all fit together properly
    notice that I have
    this edge at the front lined up just
    but the back is a little bit long so no big deal we’re just gonna trim that off
    using the same processes as before I’m gonna
    make a nice long straight ridge
    down the vambrace part
    this is a little bit more difficult to get perfect but
    keep on working on it and you’ll do fine
    match the parts up as I did this I noticed the curve is
    fine but this part here needs to be filed down
    just a little bit
    because it was just a bit too
    close in one spot, so
    all of your parts will need to be touched up
    like this as you go because
    every time you bend a part it’s going
    to affect
    the shape interacting with the next shape,
    so keep that in mind. this is the thumb base
    just shaping it against a
    a little piece of pipe here
    this is the thumb tip
    in my little jig which you’ve seen before
    a little extra shaping and then
    put these parts together and see how
    they work. needs a little more work here but you
    get the idea
    here’s one of the fingerplates done in the same exact way. also I’m using
    the masonry chisel to
    make this point a little bit more sharp there
    not really but a little bit…it does make a difference
    here you see me trimming off some of the
    metal that’s in the way
    you’ll have to do this from time to time
    I have a little bit of a sticking problem in this
    so we’ll trim that a little bit more and grind it you
    can also round it like this
    make sure the fingers of floppy like this
    you don’t want it to be sticking at all
    here I’m rounding one of the
    four little pieces that go on top of the knuckles
    and giving it a little ridge as well

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