2016 China New Design 32″ rubber glove with cotton linning-rough finish in Bandung

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Heavy duty rubber glove, made of 100% natural latex. 32″ length(82cm), rough finish, seamless, cotton lining, ambidextrous style (fits either hand), 800g/pair, 50pairs/case. Using for Isolater, dry box, blast cabinet, etc.

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We stick to our enterprise spirit of "Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Integrity". We aim to create more value for our customers with our rich resources, advanced machinery, experienced workers and excellent services 2016 China New Design 32″ rubber glove with cotton linning-rough finish in Bandung, We sincerely welcome overseas customers to consult for the long-term cooperation and the mutual development.We strongly believe that we can do better and better.

Heavy duty rubber glove, made of 100% natural latex.

32″ length(82cm), rough finish, seamless, cotton lining, ambidextrous style (fits either hand), 800g/pair, 50pairs/case. Using for Isolater, dry box, blast cabinet, etc.

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    100% Handmade Natural Eco Friendly Felted Wool Shoes with Contrast Color Rubber Sole. Full collection: http://www.feltedwoolshoes.com
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    ◇ In Case of Cold Feet
    ◇ For Outdoors and Indoors. Non Slip.
    ◇ Perfect when you want to Relax
    ◇ Snug and Comfortable
    ◇ Particularly suitable for chilly mornings or evenings.
    ◇ Protects Feet from cold and hard floors.
    ◇ Light shoes. Very good for Traveling or Camping.
    ◇ Multipurpose Shoes.

    Felt Wool Shoes are Designed and Handmade by me. Even the Rubber Sole is Hand Crafted by me.
    All sizes for Women, Men and Kids. Made to order. International Shipping.

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