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Sanitation glove, made of 100% natrual latex, length 32-36cm, textured palm for anti-slip, waterproof, anti acid and alkali, non-toxic. Mainly used for food processing, hotels, family kitchen, etc. Color: red, yellow, orange, rose, nude, etc.

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We are proud of the high customer satisfaction and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product and service. China wholesale for Rubber glove household L Mexico Manufacturer, We sincerely welcome both foreign and domestic business partners, and hope to work with you in the near future!

Sanitation glove, made of 100% natrual latex, length 32-36cm, textured palm for anti-slip, waterproof, anti acid and alkali, non-toxic.

Mainly used for food processing, hotels, family kitchen, etc. Color: red, yellow, orange, rose, nude, etc.

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  • Unique Attributes and Characteristics:
    Please list the unique/special characteristics of this product. Please be specific, as this information will help sell your product:

    Rough textured Polyamide nylon gloves (knitted)
    Easy to rinse after use in flushing water and can be washed in both washing machine and dishwasher.

    Features & Benefits:

    New, effective, practical, hygienic, fun, great design

    Uses/ Food Recommendations:

    Use to clean and scrub potatoes, baked potatoes, carrots, beetroot, gourds and many other vegetables. Preserve the essential vitamins and minerals in the skin and just below.

    Composition (Please be specific re: composition/parts)

    Outside: Polyamide nylon 99,9 %

    Inside: Elastan 0,1 % (rubber)

    Color & Finish Type (matte, polished, etc):

    Dark mahogany brown – rough

    Manufacturing Method:

    Dimensions (please be specific):
    Side to Side: 15 cm
    Front to Back: 22 cm
    Fits what size hands? Male/female one size.

    Cleaning and Care:

    After use – flush under water while wearing.
    Take off – wring or shake water out to hang dry. (does not sour)
    Can be giving a more thoroughly clean in washing machine at 40 degrees and dishwasher at max 50 degrees.

    Safety Issues/ Cautionary Notes:

    Do not put into boiling water and microwave. Do not bleech. Do not use for other cleaning purposes. Do not use in conjunction with cleaning detergents. Use normal water only.

    To scrub or not to scrub ?
    The scrubbing glove was invented by Lars Forsberg, a Danish engineer aged 41.
    Lars was driven with the lack of good methods to clean new dug Danish potatoes with loose skin normally sold throughout Scandinavia during summer.
    I was simple annoyed with the result of bristle brushes staining all over, skin getting caught in ugly cleaning sponges or the hassle of using a knife to get the thin peel off so I came up with the gloves. Today we are selling this in 30+ countries and everyday we get letters form happy customers appreciating the idea of avoiding peeling and scrub instead.

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