100% Original Factory Rubber shoe cover-L for Surabaya Factories

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Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber. Wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, non-toxic, No stimulating smell. They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc. There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case.

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As for competitive prices, we believe that you will be searching far and wide for anything that can beat us. We can state with absolute certainty that for such quality at such prices we are the lowest around. 100% Original Factory Rubber shoe cover-L for Surabaya Factories, Welcome to build the well and long standing business relationships with our company to create a glorious future together .customers' satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Rubber shoe cover, made of 100% natural rubber.

Wrinkling sole for slip resistance, water proof, good elasticity, good resistance against acid and alkali, non-toxic, No stimulating smell.

They can be widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing, etc. There are totally 4 sizes. Different colors are available. Package: 100 pairs/case.

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    Medical stockings — some people love to wear them, some people hate them. I am going to tell you 7 things you should know about medical hosiery.
    Number 1 – Medical stockings are graduated. That means they are firmest at the ankle and they are progressively less firm from the ankle upwards. Some of you may remember “Calippo Lollies”. Well if you squeeze the calippo at the bottom, up comes the ice lolly out of the packaging. However, if you squeeze the calippo hard around the middle it does not move. Medical stockings squeeze the ankle more than the calf, so encouraging the vein circulation up the leg.
    Number 2 – Medical stockings are not the same as support stockings. Support stockings are not graduated. So although they may feel firm and supportive, they do not encourage the vein circulation back up the leg in the correct direction.
    Number 3 – You should be properly measured for medical stockings. This usually means measuring the circumference of your ankle and the widest part of your calf as a minimum. To get the correct compression, you should be sure to get the correct size of sock or stocking.
    Number 4 – Medical compression stockings are anti-DVT. So for example most people undergoing major surgery in hospital who are at risk of thrombosis should consider wearing medical socks.
    Number 5 – Medical socks reduce the complications of DVT. Most specialists recommend wearing good quality medical grade compression socks for at least 2 years after a major DVT to reduce the risk complication such as phlebitis and leg ulcers..
    Number 6 – Medical socks do not cure varicose veins or vein reflux, but wearing them does relieve the symptoms of ache, swelling and throbbing. If you have a venous ulcer, wearing strong medical grade compression stockings will accelerate the healing process.
    Number 7 – Medical socks only work if you wear them. They are not effective if they are in the draw. So it is best to invest in a good quality pair of medical compression stockings that feel and look good. They should make your leg feel better and they should not have to be endured
    Now I hope you have found this video interesting. Do please remember to subscribe and that way you will be the first to see my next video. Thank you for watching

    Make a hanging painted driftwood art project embellished with marbles, shells, beads, wire and paint. http://www.chongolio.com/hanging-driftwood-art-vlog-18/

    For more tips, tricks and techniques to help release your creativity and inner artist come visit my website at

    Hey Chongolio here combing the beach
    for driftwood to use in a creative project I’d like to share
    with you. So kick off your shoes and come dig VLOG 18.

    Before we get started here is a quick peek at the finished
    driftwood art that I am going to be working on in this video episode.

    Here is the driftwood that’ll be using for this found art project.
    I left it outside for a few days to dry in the sun and get rid of any bugs

    that may have been calling at home. Now that the pieces are dry, I’m going to use a stiff bristle brush to further clean the nooks and crannies and remove any dirt and sand.

    A spray bottle filled with a solution of bleach and water is also good to use to help kill off any funky germs and what not.

    If you have any rubber gloves, you may wanna put them on for this step. Now that are wood is nice and clean. let’s drill some holes, stick some marbles in and thread wire through.

    For the marble holes, I’m using a half inch bit and using a circular motion to help bore out the holes.

    Test the holes for size as you continue to bore them out until the
    marbles fit snugly.

    Driftwood can be prone to chipping, but a piece of medium grit sandpaper can help smooth out the holes.

    On the opposite side of the wood and at a 90 degree angle to the marble holes, I will drill some more hole using a 3/16 inch drill bit
    which will be used to run wire through.

    To attach the pieces to the hangar base, you are also going to need to put some holes into the piece of wood that you want to use for your base.

    Or you could just skip using a base and hang your driftwood as individual projects. Now let’s get to the decorating and embellishing.

    With some basic white acrylic paint, I’m gonna paint the tips of the wood where I drilled the marble holes.

    You can paint the entire stick if you like but I like to keep some of the wood exposed for natural contrast to the color of the paint. it’s all up to you so just go ahead and do what your creativity tells you.

    Use different paint colors to add stripes, dots and patterns. Don’t fret about making a perfect line, part of the charm lies in the imperfections.

    One of the things that I am most attracted to about this style of painting and creativity is the primitive and tribal look and feel that these pieces imbue.

    After the painting is done and it’s good and dry, I will put on a few coats of Delta Ceramcoat polyurethane to help protect and keep the paint from flaking and chipping.

    When the polyurethane varnish was dry, I used these metallic markers over the top to add an eye zinging touch to these sticks.

    They work better over the varnish, that way the acrylic paint won’t gum up the tips and they don’t lose their metallic finish.

    Some Alene’s tacky glue along the inside the larger holes help
    secure the marble snugly in place.

    A damp Q-tip was also helpful to clean off the marbles of any excess glue.

    To add some shell embellishments, I busted out the ol’ glue gun, filled the shells up with hot glue and stuck them to the ends of the hanger’s base. These added shells make this stick look like it’s got a face!

    Another technique I used was decoupaging with Mod Podge. I drew some eyeballs on some scrap paper and glued them above the marble holes to create even more stick faces.

    I spread a dab of mod podge over the top to help seal and protect the decoupaged paper.

    To attach the sticks to the base, I am going to use some colored wire scavenged from an unused Ethernet cable.

    I am also going to use a colored wood bead to wrap the wire around to keep from slipping through the holes in the base.

    With one end of the wire wrapped around the bead I’m gonna thread the other end through the base and through the stick, back up to the base and wrap the other end of the wire around the bead again.

    I use wire cutters to snip the wire and wrap the loose end around itself below the bead.

    A little hot glue around the holes in the base, will help keep the sticks facing the right direction.

    The last step is to run one more piece of wire through the center hole of the base and make a loop so that this creations is ready for hanging.

    And there you have it a funky, funny faced hanging driftwood art in a tree.

    I hope this video helped inspire you to use your imagination and make your own found art creation with the things you find.

    If you do, be sure to let me know about it on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll catch you next time. Aloha!

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