2016 Super Lowest Price Isolater rubber sleeve Export to belarus

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14”length (35cm), black, smooth finish, seamless, no cotton lining, 350g/pair, cuff perimeter:61cm, double layer thickness:2.2mm. 40 pairs/case. Net weight: 12.8kg/case, gross weight: 13.8kg/case. It can be suitable for sand blasting machine, dry box, isolater operation for arm protection.

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Our company since its inception, always regards product quality as enterprise life, continuously improve production technology, improve product quality and continuously strengthen enterprise total quality management, in strict accordance with the national standard ISO 9001:2000 2016 Super Lowest Price Isolater rubber sleeve Export to belarus, We sincerely welcome both foreign and domestic business partners, and hope to work with you in the near future!

14”length (35cm), black, smooth finish, seamless, no cotton lining, 350g/pair, cuff perimeter:61cm, double layer thickness:2.2mm. 40 pairs/case. Net weight: 12.8kg/case, gross weight: 13.8kg/case. It can be suitable for sand blasting machine, dry box, isolater operation for arm protection.

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  • Team Fortress 2 replay video featuring the Pyro in Brigade Helm.

    Brigade Helm is one of the hats in TF2. There are several others, for example: Demoman’s Fro or Mining Light or Football Helmet or Prussian Pickelhaube or Pyro’s Beanie or Batter’s Helmet or Trophy Belt or Soldier’s Stash or Fancy Fedora or Texas Ten Gallon or Engineer’s Cap or Officer’s Ushanka or Tough Guy’s Toque or Stainless Pot or Tyrant’s Helm or Glengarry Bonnet or Vintage Tyrolean or Respectless Rubber Glove or Camera Beard or Otolaryngologist’s Mirror or Bonk Helm or Ye Olde Baker Boy or Backbiter’s Billycock or Professional’s Panama or Master’s Yellow Belt or Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine or Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative or Texas Slim’s Dome Shine or Scotsman’s Stove Pipe or Towering Pillar of Hats or Noble Amassment of Hats or Modest Pile of Hat or Physician’s Procedure Mask or The Hound Dog or Hustler’s Hallmark or Magistrate’s Mullet or Hotrod or Troublemaker’s Tossle Cap or Triboniophorus Tyrannus or Killer’s Kabuto or Shooter’s Sola Topi or Whoopee Cap or Whiskered Gentleman or Ze Goggles or Safe’n'Sound or Tippler’s Tricorne or Frenchman’s Beret or Bloke’s Bucket Hat or Vintage Merryweather or Sergeant’s Drill Hat or Gentleman’s Gatsby or The Heavy Duty Rag or The Attendant or Rimmed Raincatcher or The Milkman or Familiar Fez or Grenadier’s Softcap or Ol’ Snaggletooth or Pugilist’s Protector or Old Guadalajara or Napper’s Respite or Bombing Run or Chieftain’s Challenge or Stout Shako or Dr’s Dapper Topper or Handyman’s Handle or Hard Counter or Sober Stuntman or Carouser’s Capotain or Cadaver’s Cranium or Horrific Headsplitter or Berliner’s Bucket Helm or Scotch Bonnet or The Big Chief or Magnificent Mongolian or Larrikin Robin or Blighted Beak or Pyromancer’s Mask or Prancer’s Pride or Détective Noir or Madame Dixie or Buckaroos Hat or German Gonzila or Flipped Trilby or Coupe D’isaster or Le Party Phantom or Industrial Festivizer or Exquisite Rack or Defiant Spartan or A Rather Festive Tree or Prince Tavish’s Crown or Crocleather Slouch or The Dread Knot or The Samur-Eye or Hero’s Hachimaki or The Noh Mercy or The Geisha Boy or Hottie’s Hoodie or The Team Captain or Western Wear or Large Luchadore or Medic’s Mountain Cap or Big Country or Grimm Hatte or Teddy Roosebelt or Sight for Sore Eyes or Private Eye or Googly Gazer or Reggaelator or Honcho’s Headgear or Villain’s Veil or Connoisseur’s Cap or Furious Fukaamigasa or Charmer’s Chapeau or Doctor’s Sack or Ol’ Geezer or Brain Bucket or The Dead Cone or The Hetman’s Headpiece or The Janissary Ketche or The Hero’s Tail or Sign of the Wolf’s School or The Conjurer’s Cowl or Humanitarian’s Hachimaki or Benefactor’s Kanmuri or Magnanimous Monarch or Bill’s Hat or Ellis’ Cap or Foster’s Facade or Stockbroker’s Scarf or Alien Swarm Parasite or Max’s Severed Head or Bounty Hat or Treasure Hat or Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect or Lumbricus Lid or Spiral Sallet or Aperture Labs Hard Hat or Dealer’s Visor or Athletic Supporter or Superfan or Planeswalker Helm or Planeswalker Goggles or World Traveler’s Hat or Mann Co. Cap or Essential Accessories or Earbuds or Gentle Manne’s Service Medal.

    There are not only hats, but weapons too:

    The Sandman or The Force-A-Nature or Bonk! Atomic Punch or Crit-a-Cola or The Shortstop or The Holy Mackerel or Mad Milk or The Candy Cane or The Boston Basher or The Fan O’War or Three-Rune Blade
    The Huntsman or The Razorback or Jarate or The Tribalman’s Shiv or The Sydney Sleeper or Darwin’s Danger Shield or The Bushwacka
    The Direct Hit or The Equalizer or The Buff Banner or The Gunboats or The Pain Train or The Battalion’s Backup or The Black Box or The Rocket Jumper or The Concheror or The Half-Zatoichi
    The Scottish Resistance or The Chargin’ Targe or The Eyelander or The Pain Train or The Scotsman’s Skullcutter or The Sticky Jumper or The Ullapool Caber or The Loch-n-Load or The Claidheamh Mòr or The Half-Zatoichi
    Natascha or The Sandvich or The Killing Gloves of Boxing or The Dalokohs Bar or Gloves of Running Urgently or The Warrior’s Spirit or The Buffalo Steak Sandvich or The Brass Beast or The Fists of Steel
    The Kritzkrieg or The Blutsauger or The Ubersaw or The Vita-Saw or The Amputator or Crusader’s Crossbow
    The Axtinguisher or The Flare Gun or The Backburner or The Homewrecker or The Powerjack or The Degreaser or The Back Scratcher or The Maul
    The Dead Ringer or The Cloak and Dagger or The Ambassador or L’Etranger or Your Eternal Reward or Conniver’s Kunai
    The Wrangler or Frontier Justice or The Gunslinger or The Southern Hospitality or The Jag
    Barnblitz or Made Man or Big Earner or Enforcer or Eviction Notice or Family Business or Tomislav

    You can craft these too. Or trade for them. Or simply find in drops if you are lucky.

    That’s all what you need to know if you are new in TF2. Have a good game! :]

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    Can’t decide whether it’s a sandal or sneaker day? Get the best of both worlds in the breathable, lightweight Keen® Uneek O2™ hybrid shoe.
    Innovative free-moving nylon cord and textile upper construction forms to the foot’s shape for a comfortable, glove-like fit.
    Bungee-lacing system offers a secure fit and feel.
    Lightly padded collar.
    Quick-drying Lycra® lining wicks moisture away from the skin for a cooler, drier in-shoe feel.
    Anatomical EVA footbed supplies underfoot cushioning.
    Lightweight, molded EVA midsole.
    Strategically-placed rubber outsole pods in high-wear areas deliver reliable traction.

    Weight: 7 oz

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