Best quality and factory 14″ Household rubber glove for Greenland Factories

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Sanitation glove, made of 100% natrual latex,  textured palm for anti-slip, waterproof, anti acid and alkali, non-toxic.  length 36cm, 0.085kg/pair, packing: 100pr/case. Mainly used for food processing, hotels, family kitchen, etc. Color: red, blue, etc.  

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As for competitive prices, we believe that you will be searching far and wide for anything that can beat us. We can state with absolute certainty that for such quality at such prices we are the lowest around. Best quality and factory 14″ Household rubber glove for Greenland Factories, we have built a reliable reputation among many customers. Quality&customer first are always our constant pursuit. We spare no efforts to make better products. Look forward to long-term cooperation and mutual benefits!

Sanitation glove, made of 100% natrual latex,  textured palm for anti-slip, waterproof, anti acid and alkali, non-toxic.

 length 36cm, 0.085kg/pair, packing: 100pr/case.

Mainly used for food processing, hotels, family kitchen, etc. Color: red, blue, etc.

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    Get the song —

    This one has been a while in the making, and it’s not the last video I’ll have for this drawing. More videos coming on a regular basis. This is video number 4 recorded in late April 2013.

    The drawing is called Amazing Realization, and it is an enormous pencil drawing on a 22″ x 30″ sheet of fine heavy drawing paper. I am using mechanical pencils from 0.3mm to 0.5mm, but the vast majority of it is done with 0.3mm drafting pencils. I use a variety of leads from 2H to HB to 2B graphite. I occasionally use paper stumps to blend the pencil, but again, the vast majority of it is hand shaded using a very careful amount of hand pressure, which you can see pretty well in this video.

    Whenever I’m holding the pencil much further back from the tip, I’m allowing the pencil’s own weight to press down on the paper which makes for very soft shading. I am also not a robot drawing robot, so I use erasers. I use the white plastic erasers that work so well with drafting pencils, and the rubber gray kneadable erasers you can form into shapes. I like those for lightening areas which have been filled in too dark, and to keep my pencils from rolling off my drawing desk when I’m not using them. I use a horse hair eraser brush to remove eraser shavings from the drawing without smudging my work. I sometimes use a latex glove on my left hand to keep the oil of my hand from getting on the paper, and for a similar reason, I put a sheet of paper under my drawing hand to keep from smudging parts I’ve already drawn while shading.

    Last year I started a Kickstarter to make prints of my new drawing, Amazing Realization, for people who wanted them. This is quite an epic project which began in mid November 2012 and continues months into 2013. On January 1st 2013 the Kickstarter was successfully funded at over 200% of my goal. Now I’m just working away at finishing the drawing and doing what I can to show the making-of process along the way. The backers get email updates with new photos showing the progress of the drawing the night I work on it, and I release the photo updates of the drawing daily on my Art blog,, my facebook fan page and my twitter feed @jeffjag (all three feature the same daily content). Check out the kickstarter page and watch the video of me announcing the project on that page. – And if you want a print even though the kickstarter’s over, you can pre-order right on my website or blog through the Amazon button.

    I started this drawing in November 2012 and I’m already over half way through as of this video, but it’s it’s still unfinished as a whole. The time-lapse for this specific progress video was compiled from two drawing sessions of about 3-4 hours each for a total of around 7 hours of drawing time. Rest assured, I’ll have a rough estimate by the time I post the final time-lapse project video. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll get it delivered right to you from the friendly YouTube folks in your emails.

    I posted a weird song on video ONE of this series and I heard the comment replies loud and clear. You unanimously told me that you’d rather mute it than listen to my experimental voice tracks… which were admittedly not very good. With that in mind, I took a different path to create the music for this video and I hope the results are better. The sounds were created in the Moog Animoog and Korg iELECTRIBE apps on iOS, then mixed together in a multi-track audio editor. Some of the sounds were used directly, some had effects like distortion and flange applied, and some of them are double-tracked for a fuller sound. I also recorded some ambient people noises from Denver International Airport for the background. Because I like that sort of thing. All recording, sequencing, and mixing was done by myself and you can listen to the track by itself on SoundCloud here:

    Stop motion is used exclusively in this video. The first two videos in the series were shot at a frame every 6-8 seconds. Later on, I decided to get out my camera trigger and you can see me holding the shutter release in my left hand, as I draw with my right hand. I use a latex glove on my left hand while I draw to keep the oil of my hand from getting on the paper. I place a white sheet of paper under my right hand so I can shade without smudging what I’ve already done. Because I have to move my right hand while drawing, this keeps my hand free to move over areas I may have already drawn without smearing the work.

    YOU Might Will need An Organic and natural Mattress If:

    1) You Suffer From Allergies Or Higher Respiratory Issues (Here is How Latex Aids! Organic and natural Mattresses are void of ANY unsafe or extra chemicals. Also, Latex and Organic and natural wool are In a natural way Hypo-Allergenic & dust-mite resistant!

    FYI…Even Non Allergy Victims benefit from an natural and organic mattress! Did you know that as of July 1, 2007, A New Federal Regulation stated that “All US mattresses are expected to be remarkably flame retardant, to the extent that they won’t catch on fireplace if uncovered to a blowtorch.” This usually means that the companies are dousing them with remarkably harmful flame-retardant chemicals, which do NOT have to be disclosed in any way. To beat the superior flammability of the remarkably combustible Polyurethane foam (found in almost every traditional and memory foam mattress, TempurPedic Provided), companies use up to 1lb of Boric Acid in their mattresses to serve as the flame retardant. Yikes! Sure, the mattress now satisfies federal ‘fire standards’, but at what price to your wellbeing?

    Our Organic and natural Latex Mattresses use Organic and natural Wool as its fireplace barrier, hence not only assembly federal rules, but all the while offering you the PUREST Slumber Probable!

    2) You And Your Lover Can not Agree On A Mattress!

    (Our Organic and natural Mattresses Are A Partners Aspiration! Each and every Organic and natural Mattress In Our Showroom is Entirely CUSTOMIZABLE with your decision of Dunlop, And/Or Talalay Latex! Even in Queen Sizing, every single husband or wife can construct THEIR side of the bed to THEIR personalized preference by interchanging the 3 Dunlop Or Talalay layers readily available in smooth, medium or firm! It Is our fantastic pleasure to support you attempt as lots of configurations as needed till we find the a single that is just appropriate for you. We assure to make the method simple, insightful and fun! Below are a couple ‘Pre-selected’ illustrations of how you and your husband or wife can customise your mattress!

    3) You, like every other mattress shopper are tired of changing mattresses every couple many years!

    (Why Pick Latex? Merely place “Latex Lasts For Daily life!” Not only are these mattresses warrantied for twenty many years, it is pretty probably that they will outperform their guarantee period. Hey, will not just choose my phrase for it, there are a number of YouTube films showing ‘the lifespan of a latex mattress’ lasting upwards of 30 to 50 many years! . All other traditional and memory foam mattresses comprise chemicals that disintegrate over time hence resulting in the mattress to ‘sink’ or display system impressions. Because of to it is really All-natural elements and the fact that there are NO extra or unsafe chemicals, Organic and natural & All all-natural Latex mattresses outperform any other mattress on the market in terms of help and very long lasting durability! Like the saying goes “You will find Absolutely nothing Like The Actual Detail!”

    4) You Suffer From Severe Back Ache, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica & Much more.

    (Latex Gives The Greatest IN Strain & Ache Reduction! Latex has been confirmed to have lots of health-related rewards for a range of suffering sufferers, specially arthritis and fibromyalgia patients. With the appropriate combine of softness, help, and system alignment, fibromyalgia sufferers may possibly be able to get the sleep that so normally eludes them. Latex mattresses drop into the category of “orthopedic mattresses,” first generated in the 1950s. These mattresses had been developed primarily based on the plan that a mattress could truly have health-related rewards for the sleeper – just as with orthopedic sneakers or braces. Therefore, even nowadays, The Unparalleled system-contouring help and inherent durability, combined with the potential to create softer or firmer mattresses utilizing particular person layers of dunlop or talalay, has designed latex mattresses an great decision for orthopedic reasons.

    So, To sum it all up If You are unwell and tired of changing mattresses….an Organic and natural Mattress is for YOU! (Warrantied to previous twenty many years. Sufficient films & research to display latex mattresses that previous upward of 30-50 many years!) If you and your husband or wife simply just cannot concur on a mattress, or if a single companions sleeping patterns are driving the other outrageous, and practically out of the bed….an Organic and natural Mattress Is For YOU! Each and every mattress in our lineup is absolutely customizable! That is appropriate, with out gimmicks, and air beds with ‘numbers’, you can share a typical sleep room, while every single sleeping on the mattress of YOUR dreams! Most importantly, If you experience with allergic reactions, or even if you might be a correctly healthier sleeper, and simply just want to remain that way, an Organic and natural Mattress is the only possibility for YOU! Very last, but certainly not the very least, If You want to ‘Go Green’, An Organic and natural mattress is for YOU! The fact that it is all all-natural, and void of any extra chemicals, petroleum primarily based items, or VOC’s, not only helps to lessen your environmental footprint, but it significantly enhances the good quality of air in your property and personalized room. Kick unsafe chemicals to the curb, and say hi there to THE PUREST Slumber Probable!

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